Britt Provost Senior Vice President, People & Culture at Apptio

"  He's just the guy you want to have on the team to give you real, honest, thoughtful feedback. And, the one you want to have on side when facing difficult situations and business problems 

David Watson Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition - North America & Global Services Recruitment

"  Rob’s style is to challenge you to be your best while allowing you take the wheel of your own success. He provides mentorship and guidance while championing your efforts and success within the leadership ranks. 

Andrew Spicer Group Manager, Business Change at Avanade

" Rob's a great facilitator between Recruiting and the business, advising and coaching senior executives on how Recruiting can support their business goals effectively, and he's consistently good at developing his teams to find better, more effective ways of supporting their business stakeholders 

Eddie Pate, Ph.D. Director Inclusion & Diversity for WWOPs at Amazon

"  Rob was a great teammate & mentor, passionate about his work AND people, and extremely knowledgeable. What was most impressive though was his ability to tease through complexity, challenge people to be critical thinkers yet do this with respect and a great sense of humor. 

Mahnaz Javid SVP, Talent Acquisition & Integration

"  Rob is a true professional and a SME in his field. His depth of knowledge, commitment to his profession and to his team, and relentless efforts for excellence in delivery have left an indelible mark on the organization that he built from grounds up and prepared to grow from strength to strength. He is a team player and a team builder and an awesome colleague and collaborator. 

Jim Rose, M.S. Senior Manager; Talent Acquisition at Deloitte

" It's one thing to be visionary and strategic, but it takes a special leader to implement and drive the vision and strategy. Rob is just that person. The results we've seen here are real and tangible. 

Lou Adler CEO, best-selling author, created Performance-based Hiring.

" Rob definitely pushes the envelop on sourcing ideas and strategies. He's willing to try new approaches to solve old problems. He's a great person to work with, especially if you want to get things done. Rob's a big-picture thinker, but knows what's needed to in trenches. This is a rare and special combo. 

Sean Rehder, Director of Recruiting Operations

" The best thing I can say about Rob McIntosh is he is a "strategy implementer." Meaning, he has the business experience to create and design strategy and he also has the business expertise to move forward with implementing the tactics that it takes to execute on the strategy... which is the key between being a "talker" and a "do'er." 

Fernando Delgado Vice President, Global Talent Acquistion at Johnson Controls

" Rob McIntosh is a forward thinker and great strategist as it pertains to Candidate Sourcing and Candidate Development strategies. He is seen as an authority in Passive Candidate Sourcing and Candidate leadership.
He is very capable of solving complex staffing challenges in Fortune 50 & Big 4 environments. 

Tracey Richardson, VP RPO, Agile-1

"  Rob is one of those unique Sourcing / Recruiting Leaders who understands how to best use people, process and technology together. He is someone who is able to look at a problem and present a solution that not only allows a company to capture people data, but both manage and leverage this information time and time again 

Jim Stroud, Global head sourcing and recruiting strategy, Randstad Sourceright

"  Rob is a man of action. He arms his workers with the necessary tools, quickly resolves bottlenecks, circumvents company politics and consistently produces results. I had heard of Rob''s skills from a variety of sources and can now echo what I heard, by what I have witnessed. Rob holds a prominent spot among a short list of HR visionaries 

Suzy Tonini, Lead talent research and strategy, Cloudera

" Rare Visionary. Excellent Leader. Forward-Thinking Strategist.Fearless.Wonderful Mentor.People Person. One of the Best Team Builders in the Industry. 


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